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newsThe Baptist Standard on culture and culture making

The Baptist Standard, the weekly newspaper of almost everything Texan and Baptist, ran a good cover section on popular culture in its most recent interview, including a fairly long interview with me. Ken Camp, the author, was great to talk to.

Though the quote is accurate, I somewhat regret that I come across sounding more negative about culture-shaping in elite locations (Manhattan, Hollywood) than I feel. I’m all for Christians being in those places, and seeking to serve Christ there as with every other sphere and scale of culture. I just don’t think we should strive for “impact” at elite levels . . . the temptations are just too evident and manifold. Rather, as I say right up front in the introduction to Culture Making, it’s all about grace. If grace takes you to Manhattan, go—whether it’s Manhattan, New York, or Manhattan, Kansas. God is at work in both places.