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postGraduate-level culture making
by Andy Crouch for Culture Making

In 2008–2009 I will have the privilege of teaching two D.Min. courses on Christianity and cultural creativity, the first at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and the second at Biblical Seminary here in the Philadelphia area.

Putting together the syllabus for my course at Western was a fun challenge. What 2,000 pages worth of reading would you select to give experienced pastors a thorough introduction to the best thinking on faith and culture, and to prompt their own creativity in the places where they live and serve?

Well, here’s the syllabus I came up with. I also created an online store with all the required reading (plus one very good book I couldn’t quite fit in to the 2,000-page limit, Dick Staub’s The Culturally Savvy Christian). Until I complete the “annotated bibliography” that will appear on this site later this summer under the more reading header, it’s a good guide to the books I consider essential reading—beyond (though including) Culture Making of course. :)